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Always swim

between the

Red and



World's first
Super Prawn
Ocean Hero

all life on 


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Avoid Waste, Demand
Plastic Alternatives


Vision and Mission

Make our oceans safer and cleaner for all sea life.  Jack would like to look back in years to come and see that his heroism in the oceans has been rewarded by plenty of healthy happy sea life.


Jack and his creator are in the business of caring for sea creatures that need help and our oceans by reducing, reusing and recycling plastic and other types of pollution.  Jack would like to make this a fun process where everyone can enjoy themselves.


Everyone has a role to play in helping Jack the Super Prawn find the Pollution Solution.




Why Children Love Jack

Jack is a super prawn with superpowers.  He can transform into JackCopter and any other physical form.  He is brave, adventurous, vibrant, and muscular.  Jack saves sea creatures that are threatened by humans and our oceans from plastic and other types of pollution.


Why Parents Love Jack

Knowing that their children are playing a mobile game or reading a book that is educational, nonviolent, enjoyable and healthy for their minds.  It helps raise awareness through education on how to protect sea creatures and maintain a cleaner safer ocean from pollution.


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