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Jack's Story

Say hello to Jack the Super Prawn, the world's first super prawn ocean hero.  Jack was born in Whitehaven Beach in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.  Created, made and wholly owned in Australia.  He is an adventurous, brave, vibrant and muscular animated character that saves and protects sea creatures and the environment that are unnaturally threatened by the impact of pollution caused by humans.  His superpowers allow him to transform into JackCopter and other forms to combat threats like plastic, chemicals, oil spills, noise, nuclear, urban and industrial waste.  Jack also has other superpowers that will be revealed throughout his adventures.

Jack is an 'Educator' and a 'Mascot' that believes in engaging and empowering children through education.  He believes they are the future of protecting and preserving our ocean's environment that all living creatures share and depend on. Raising awareness of sustainability and preservation is vital for future generations.


Jack the Super Prawn's brand is making its way as an 'Environmentally Sustainable Eco-friendly' standard.  As global organisations align to promote state-of-the-art technology for zero emissions and renewable energy, Jack is standing alongside them to empower the youth of today to take their ocean environment's safety into their hands.


Why was “Jack the Super Prawn” created?

I, Antoine Jaja, the Creator and Author of Jack the Super Prawn, am a snorkeler and recreational scuba diver. I’ve seen first-hand underwater just how polluted the ocean is with plastic and other kinds of pollution, and the impact it has on the environment and sea creatures.

Many years ago, I was on a snorkelling and scuba diving adventure in the South Pacific.  From a boat, I jumped off into the reef, and below me, the first creature I saw, was a large prawn in crystal clear water.  Shortly after, I looked ahead and saw plastic bags floating around everywhere, it was a horrible sight.  I turned my head around to the right and saw a Green Sea Turtle tangled in a plastic fishing line.  I moved closer to try to remove the line from its body, but it escaped.

The experience was so unsettling and emotionally overwhelming that I was compelled to act to prevent this problem from happening again.  Jack the Super Prawn was thus created as a symbol to raise awareness of the impact of plastic in our oceans and empower children to take a stand and make improvements.

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