Mobile Game

Jack the Super Prawn arcade game is nonviolent family-friendly.  It teaches children to collect plastic bags and six-pack plastic can holders from the water and place them in the recycle bin.  Save the dolphin and turtle entangled in plastic.  Avoid getting in the path of fishing nets and oil spills.  For ultra boost, touch the seagrass, collect as many plastic bags and six-pack can holders as possible and place them in the recycle bin. 

Jack the Super Prawn 2, is the upgrade that will be coming and will include new and exciting features that will be fun, educational, challenging and rewarding.

To view the "Jack the Super Prawn" arcade game video trailer on YouTube, click on the video below.




For a free download of the mobile game, go to Google Play or App Store.

Below are three screenshots of the mobile game.




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