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All written content in the books is proudly endorsed by ANSTO, a statutory body of the Australian Government.  ANSTO is a 'Scientific Advisor' for Jack's adventures.  Dr Tom Cresswell, an environmental scientist with ANSTO Research, reviewed the story concepts as they were developed and offered important scientific input.  

Dr Tom Cresswell's Profile

Tom is an environmental research scientist with a passion for understanding how humans impact our environment.  He studies how pollution interacts with living organisms in freshwaters through to coastal areas.  Tom’s position at ANSTO allows him to use nuclear techniques (radioisotope tracers) to very precisely study how quickly pollutants get into a living organism, where it goes within the tissues and then how quickly they are removed from the tissues if the source of pollution is removed or the animal moves to cleaner waters.  This helps us understand what kind of effect the pollution will have on the organism so that we can better manage our precious aquatic ecosystems.  Tom is currently working with the offshore petroleum industry to assist in providing a scientific basis for their decommissioning planning.

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Dr Jennie Mallela is an internationally renowned environmental scientist and marine expert at the Australian National University (ANU).  Her career journey has taken her from exploring the marine biodiversity of 2nd World War shipwrecks in the North Sea to researching climate change and pollution impacts on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  Jennie has been working closely with Antoine Jaja, the Creator and Author of 'Jack the Super Prawn.'  Please join them on their mission to 'Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle' plastic. 

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The mission of the Fox Shark Research Foundation is 'to inspire the appreciation and understanding of great white sharks through research and education.'  To create awareness, protect and preserve marine life.  We can see that Jack the Super Prawn’s character and messages encapsulate some of our key messages

and are pleased to endorse the products in the range and would encourage other organisations to get behind this great cause.

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The Treaty Council Worldwide proudly endorses Jack the Super Prawn.  Jack creates awareness of the impact of plastic and other kinds of pollution by engaging and empowering Indigenous and Non-Indigenous children to find a solution to pollution through Education.  Jack loves and respects all living creatures and believes they need to be protected for future generations.

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