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There are currently two published Jack the Super Prawn adventure storybooks available for purchase:

Pollution Solution

Pollution Solution - Front Cover.png

Drastic Plastic

Drastic Plastic - Front Cover.png

These books are published by Halstead Press and distributed by Woodslane.  Copies are available to purchase in paperback in the ANSTO Shop, The Education Shop, and book retail outlets online or in-store in Australia and New Zealand such as Booktopia and QBD Books, etc.  You can also find them in libraries and in schools as Jack's adventures are shared with Australian students through our education programs.  Other adventure books have been written and will be coming!

Teachers can also access a Teaching Guide so Jack's Adventures can help empower students to make good choices and help preserve our beautiful oceans.  A sample of Drastic Plastic and the classroom material are available via the link below:
Much care went into the printing of Drastic Plastic and Pollution Solution!
What exactly makes these books special? 
1.  All Jack the Super Prawn books have the Australian Government logo printed on the back and inside the front cover;

2.  The paper for the pages of these books is from a new-growth certified mill, so no old-growth trees were used to make them;

3.  The front and back covers have been printed using water-soluble ink and non-toxic varnish;

4.  All Jack the Super Prawn books are printed right here in Sydney, Australia.

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