"Jack the Super Prawn" - Ocean Hero, is out now on iBooks.  "Jack the Super Prawn" - "Drastic Plastic" and "Pollution Solution" adventure books will be published by Halstead Press and Distributed by Woodslane soon on print.

"Jack the Super Prawn" - Ocean Hero, eBook is about how Jack and some of his friends get caught in a huge plastic fishing net from a commercial fishing trawler.  Jack is brave, courageous and tries to save his friends.  Jack and some of his friends manage to escape.  The journey begins.  Will Jack become a super prawn in time to save his friends from being caught in the fishing net?  Will he protect the ocean from overfishing? 


Let's find out...

To view "Jack the Super Prawn" - Ocean Hero eBook video trailer on YouTube, click on the video below.







To purchase the eBook online, download it on Apple iBooks.


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